TEOG Studies

How is Asil College preparing for TEOG?
Beside the studies that are given the middle class, TEOG preparation program is being applied for 8th graders.
Alongside with the studies that are intended to improve abilities such as; learning the information, understanding, practicing, analyzing and synthesis ability, an intense academical work is being applied with the course of study.
Exam results are being evaluated by consultant teachers.
If there are any, missings are detected and according to these missings, our students are directed to proper studies and one on one study.
Their results are being monitored. TEOG Preparation Unit is taking precautions in their weekly meeting about the students.

In programmed Studies;
Repeating of course, one on one or small groups’ lectures and problem solving are being done.
These studies can easily being monitored by the parents with detailed report of students’ development.