The foreign languages, along with the native language, are essential to become a well-educated and authentic individual in the present time. And when it comes to the foreign languages, English definitely is the first one which springs to the mind, and also is the most common. It presents the alternative ways to reach information and also a wide range of the source. It enables the people from all over the world to communicate with each other. And it also takes an individual a step further in the career. And it is not as hard to learn this language as opposed to the popular belief.

The English courses are taught by the foreign teachers who are the self-proclaimed experts in our school. Our teachers are awared of a fact that learning a foreign language is not a thing of sorts, also of another fact that the rote learning is of no use especially when it comes to the foreign languages. So in accordance with this awareness, they believe that they are obliged to endear English to the students.

It is considered to improve the ability of the students to fluently speak the language by respectively allocating time to such the essential parts of the language pedagogy as listening, reading, an writing. Our teachers prefer an education which contains the entertainment, and also the interaction with the life, instead of a grammar-based type. They strictly follow the progress of the students with the periodical quizzes.


Is to raise the individuals:

  • Who can speak English as fluent as the native language
  • Who is awared of the world
  • Who can engage in the international relationships
  • Who excels at public speaking