The lecture of gymnastics is not insignificant as you know it before. It has a great deal of importance to improve student’s spirit, idea and body. It gives the opportunity of teaching the students to follow the rules, arrange the relationships, self-knowledge, socialize and also teaches the success and failure.

It causes to improve the student personally and socially by routinize to do sport. It is possible to protect students from bad habits by giving P.E. properly. It contributes to students not only physical improvement but also spiritual and mental improvement. In our school, Gymnastics is taught by experts in indoor and outdoor gyms. Our sport areas have a plenty of tools which you can use. In order to student’s or parent’s request, individual and team sports can teach to students.

Again, in order to request, it can created team and attend to race of provinces and districts. This way, it is possible to teach the students teamwork, socializing and competition. The students can attend the sport activities any moment they want, they get support of teacher to progress the sport of they interested in.