The Sciences

We, as the Asil College Sciences division, believe that an information is forgotten after being heard, recalled after being witnessed, but learned after only being used. So, in accordance with this belief, we designed the educational environments where the students can participate (problem, project, argumentation, collusive learning etc.) under the guidance and the leadership of their teachers. We used both classes and areas outside the school such as science, art and archeology museums as learning environment in order to maintain the knowledge that they get from science and technology lessons.

The vision of the Science & Technology lesson is to train the self-reliant lifelong learners who are highly fond of researching and questioning, also who are highly capable of solving the problems and making the efficient decisions. The sciences require the psychomotor skills along with the knowledge and the ability. And it is intended to make sure the students have these qualities.

The science students have the basic knowledge of such the positive sciences as the biology, the physic, the chemistry, and the astronomy, the ecology, and the earth sciences. They become the caring individuals who are insensitive to the social problems thanks to their ability of the analytical solution.

A science student from Asil researches, questions, and reveals an information by using the power of the own wit, and the own ability of creatively thinking.