Guidance and Counseling

As Asil College Guidance Department our goal is; to lead our student to realize their talents and lead them to use them in proper way.

Following services is provided in Guidance Department;

  • Educational Guidance; it contains the works that we conduct within educational guidance.
  • Orientation; It is a familiarization process for the newcomer students at the beginning of each year.
  • Motivation Studies; to help our students to improve their learning skill.
  • Vocational Guidance; this service contains to help our students to determine the profession according to their interests.
  • Individual Guidance; to students who apply voluntarily is given a psychological consultant for helping their problems and support their social developments.
  • Individual Recognition Studies; a file is created for every student and it contains a recognition form, teacher interview notes and tests that we conduct.
  • Guardians Training; the seminars are given to guardians for providing the Guardian-Student-School association. Also in every semester at least for one time, an education is given to guardians for learning methods.
  • Guardian Bulletins; for informing the guardians and raising their awareness, the guardian bulletins is prepared and sent to their houses.
  • The Inventories that is Applied for Individual Recognition Techniques