The Art Education

It is a type of education which intends to improve the ability of the critical thinking by prioritizing the creativity, and to guide the students in accordance with both of self-improvement, and the personal propensity of each student.

We, as Asil College, try to arrange an art environment where the students can reveal their own power of creative thinking, also independently express their own opinions without being stereotyped. We maintain the purpose of the art education in each level of the education which is to accustom the students to be awared, inspect, ask, try, and solve.

Thanks to our Fine Arts Course:

  • The students are provided with the basic knowledge of the arts in accordance with both of their respective levels of the ability, and the age group.
  • The fact that the visual education maintains the learning is appropriated.
  • The synchronization of the eye and the opinion is improved with both of the two-dimensional, and the three-dimensional works.