Club Activity

"Why Club Activities?"

In Asil College, the programs that are taught beside the normal education program are as important as the main course. The purpose of these programs is to support the children in social area, to make them adapt the environment that they live and improve their self confidence.

We support them to be responsible to society and to people and also support them to discover their own abilities and interests.

Music Clubs

Music is a loveable activity because of its attributes such as being listenable and producible. It is both applied in Asil College. We present this service in the best way with guitar, violin and piano. It wouldn’t be inappropriate if we say music is our best friend. Let’s sort Asil College’s purposes in this friendship;

  • To make feel that music is in every moment in our lives.
  • To create a certain culture level about music and instruments to our valuable Asil College graduates.
  • To enjoy music and learn the rules of playing an instrument.
Guitar Club

We will learn and apply the the terms; rhythm, route and chord under the shining lights of music in the events which will last a year with students who will attend this club in Asil College. We will create repertoires and make some original works. We intend to exhibit the repertoires which we create as an Asil College chorus in concerts at the end of the year. While all these things happen, you will witness the effects of asil music’s self-confidence, social support and developments that add to individual.

Violin Club

Music is the key to all the knowledge doors, because it is universal when compared to other classes. In Asil College, it is aimed at the heart of the violin lessons to teach and to develop the basic violin playing techniques. However, we should emphasize the importance of repeating and studying regularly for developing the abilities and techniques. Asil College is both supporting and witnessing your development in this area.

Piano Club

This club which you will attend in Asil College provides extra benefits while you play the piano such as; improvements in hand-eye coordination, increments for attention span, beautiful writing and improvements in reading skill. Tracking the note, that is played, provides improvements on focusing and concentration. Because of positive effects of reading notes and playing the notes that is read on attention span, it effects the success on science, math and engineering. Finally, this club, that you will attend in Asil College like any other music clubs, provides self confidence.

Sports Clubs

Gymnastics Club

This club that is served in Asil College caters to both male and female students. Children gains both physical and mental improvement, it is also an enjoyable event because of active availability in every stage of the progress for not having an age limit. In this club, which is applied within Asil College, it is provided our children’s physical development at the same time it is also provided an esthetical appearance, body muscle and height weight balance.

Cheese Club

Improvements, who participate in chess club in Asil College, are observed in student’s math and judgment ability. Chess tournaments are organized within Asil College, it is provided to our children an environment for playing chess actively.

Table Tennis Club

Table tennis unlike the other sports is a much more enjoyable sport branch. In Asil College, the areas where children will both enjoy and do sport are meticulously prepared. Table tennis, which requires struggle and attention, while increasing children talents about sport it is also an enjoyable sport.

Basketball Club

In Asil College, it is aimed to give an opportunity to students, whom joined basketball club, to compare their skills with others and to make them informed with their own talents. Basketball, which is a group sport, supports the children in self-confidence, social thinking skills kind of areas.

Volleyball Club

Volleyball group game, which takes attention with its own quality style and known as giving a joy to both the players and the audiences, is served with the name of Volleyball Club in Asil College. Especially for the kids, it is a pleasant sport branch that supports the team spirit, cooperation, assistant and courage because it is a group game.

Football Club

Our children are going to have an opportunity to improve their abilities, discover their talents and to do sports with the help of this service which we give under the roof of Asil College. Alongside being an enthusiastic and fun kind of sport, it will also help our student’s developments whom show a decent physical development.

Calligraphy Club

Drama and Theater Club

Drama and theatre club in Asil College supports the students to exhibit the areas which they are sufficient and to improve their abilities and also supports them to exhibit the skills of express themselves.

Painting and Crafts Club

This club helps our students to know themselves as individuals, setting a goal and helps them to discover their talents and improve. It also aims to help the students to show their emotions, thoughts and requests in more esthetical way.

Folk Dances Club

Purpose of folk dances club in Asil College is to give some information about our traditional folk dances and also conduct some studies for teaching and make them perform our dances on stage. In this club, which aim to promote our country in the best way and cherish our country and traditional culture to our children, with motion study our children’s’ arm-leg coordination growing strong.

Calligraphy Club

Calligraphy Club, which is applied within Asil College, means visual art of lettering. It is possible among the aims of the club to sort some key ingredients such as; to create awareness, to raise individuals that are oratorical high and to make them discover their talents and interests at an early age.

  • Participation Rate the Music Club : %35
  • Sports Club Participation Rate: %20
  • Participation Rate is the Art Club: %40