Founder's Message

Dear parents,

Asil College is a reliable, reformer and modern education institution that gives a proper education to students from kindergarten to high school and monitor its students’ social, sporty, cultural and psycho logical improvements and offer them options, also value the importance of foreign language education and to make this education model possible it gives every kind of physical infrastructure and technological possibilities with personalized education, modern education technology and environmentally friendly schools.
Our purpose; both providing the students a self-knowing experience and make them gain the ability to make useful decisions for both themselves and the society that they live in. Raise individuals that are nationalist, secular, follow the developments around the world and evaluate and adopt these to their lives with democratically understanding and communicate in international areas.
Raising individuals that are ready for life’s positive and negative sides, that is capable of taking solid steps throughout the life by using their time, ability and knowledge.
Raising individuals that absorb the fundamental values of the Republic and being an example to the world by loving their country and nation.